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Are there important rules/guidelines that I need to know?

  • No spiked heels or shoe heels that mark/damage the floor.

  • Only 1-2 cans of beer/drinks per person per night. 

  • No food/beverages can be carried across the dance floor. 

  • Firefighter kitchen access is limited to working staff, and board members.

  • All minors must be accompanied by an adult. 

  • We recommend that dance aerials be performed during jam circle.

  • Do not attempt any aerials without your partner's verbal agreement. 

  • All dancers must sign the waiver upon entering an ACSR event.

  • All attendees must sign the waiver upon arrival. The Responsible Party(you) assumes all responsibility for any and all risks of damage or injury that may occur while using the facility and surrounding parking area.

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