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Who We Are

The ACSR Story:

In 2015, a group of dancers in San Antonio united to discuss their love of swing dancing. They realized that the public interest in swing dance and support for local swing bands was on the decline. The already small group of swing dancers & instructors were spread-thin due to different event locations. Additionally, it was difficult to get everybody together due to schedules, different thoughts on swing dance, and the love of different music styles. But that was all about to change.

The group eagerly discussed how swing dancing had changed their lives for the better. Each person told stories of how swing dance brought fun times, new friends, and an appreciation of American music & history. They also noted the health benefits. Swing dance provided them exercise, stress release, and it renewed their joy. The profound effect that swing dance had on each of their lives gave them energy and countless reasons to start a new non-profit 501c7 dance community in San Antonio, also known as Alamo City Swing Revival (ACSR).

With the help of dancers, friends, and family, a club was born in March 2016. ACSR’s first dance was on St. Patrick’s Day, 2016. It was a record-breaking swing dance event for ACSR with over 230 dancers in attendance! Thanks to the support of you (the members) along with the many amazing board members & volunteers, a swing revival had occurred and has continued since then. ACSR has managed to stay open through multiple relocations and despite the covid pandemic closure time! There has been a common saying amongst the group since opening night… “everyone is welcome!”  Since inception, the ACSR swing dance family continues to grow having a positive impact on our local community.

ACSR Goals:

Goals of ACSR include uniting the swing dance community, providing a variety of traditional swing dance lessons, educating the community about the history of swing dance, playing a wide variety of swing music, welcoming people of all levels, and promoting good health through swing dance.

But two main goals remain: Being inclusive (providing a warm welcome to ALL) and sharing the JOY of swing dance with YOU!

Our founders and board members welcome you to be a part of this exciting and growing swing dance scene. We invite you to be a part of the family! Experience the joy (and the many other benefits) of this amazing dance!!!



Your ACSR Family

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